Saturday, April 03, 2010

Lydia Lunch & Big Sexy Noise - Your Love don't pay My Rent

02 de diciembre de 2009 — 22-11-09. I filmed an impressive gig of Lydia and her raunchy , lustfull rocking band, Big Sexy Noise. at the Ladyfest festival in Exit , Rotterdam. For local , noncommercial TV station " Cineac Stadscentrum " The morning after the great gig , I saw her sitting all alone in the quite windy , deserted street in front of the Rotown cafe ...before she was leaving to Koln , Germany.... Should'v asked her for a small interview...considering i was carrying my camera anyway....that would'v been the icing on the cake of My ' Lydia Lunch ' item ! was quite early... Anyway an excelent concert by a powerfull personality ! can't wait to see her perform again.


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VUK said...

es increíble el microcosmos personal. yo sigo con mis oscuridades y tú con tus rarezas.
me hace gracia tu comentario sobre mi foto. sólo te gusta la que lleva los colores de tu universo.

un abrazo (hoy desde el mar de vigo).