Sunday, November 08, 2009

Instead of Abracadabra

De lo mejorcito visto en la inauguración del festival Filmets de Badalona...
Instead of Abracadabra

"Tomas is a little bit too old to still be living with his parents, but his dream of becoming a magician leaves him with no other option. Bengt, his father, just wants him to grow up and get a proper job. At dads birthday party Tomas gives his parents, the birthday guests and first and foremost the beautiful new neighbor Monica a bizarre magic show. A film by Patrik Eklund"Instead of Abracadabra" is a very funny short film about a lovable loser who lives with his parents but fancies himself a great magician of "gothic mystery and mayhem" and has developed a catch phrase of "Chimay!" as an alternative to abracadabra. His parents want him to get a real job but he wants to impress the single mom next door by performing first at her child's birthday party, and then at his father's 60th birthday get-together. The first trick we see him do goes horribly awry and much of the film is spent grimacing in anticipation of similarly catastrophic outcomes from his dangerous and elaborate magic tricks. This film has some Napoleon Dynamite-type elements of humor, some big laughs, and a couple good twists toward the end."

A film by Patrik Eklund

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